21 MarOne good thing…

So, I cleaned my room recently as part of a 91 day declutter challenge. It looks awesome by-the-way, I highly recommend deep cleaning your room.  Well, as part of that I decided it was time to read and get rid of that ginormous stack of magazines I’ve been hoarding since 2006 (yes, that’s right, 2006 – don’t judge).

There are two important things to note 1) nursing homes like old magazines – don’t toss/recycle them, see if your local nursing home can use them; and 2) I really had good magazines.  Lots of great ideas, recipes, tips, articles….  Why didn’t I read these sooner?

Now, for the good thing! In looking through the Christmas issues, I’m reminded that the holidays are a mere 8 months away.  This year is going to be different.  

I am putting it out here as a reminder to myself that the present plan this year is going to follow the rule of 4: Want, Need, Wear, Read.

If I start now, I can knock out the gifts without going broke like I do every year.  

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  1. Diane says:

    This is awesome Rachelle. TY for sharing 🙂

    Another hint to help you save for Christmas is to save each week the # that week is. Week 1 = $1.00; Week 2 = $2.00 and so on. Some people have found it easier to go backwards depending on their budget so Week 1 = $52; Week 2 = $51; etc. TOTAL = $1,378.00

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