05 SepFirst Day 2017!

It’s that time of year again! First day of 11th grade for Andrew and Jacob and first day of 1st grade for Luke! As Andrew so sweetly pointed out, it’s my 21st year of 1st days of school…

16 AugKnitted Knockers

Finished knitting a pair of knockers.

Super easy charity knit if that's your thing!


26 MarArt – Red Heels and Jeans

Tried to do feet (which are gross) in heels (which I love). Opinions at home are “creepy” and “perspective is off”. Both true. Oh well!  

red heels and jeans

02 JanArt – Zen Pond

Finally finished the zen pond. Not exactly what I had in mind. ..  

31 DecResolutions – 2017

Usually I do a complicated resolution list, but I don’t know… Maybe just a few this year.

For the Mind

1) read 104 books

For the Body

2) workout 5 hours per week

For Fun

3) go to Vegas

For the Home

4) paint living room

2016 recap:

For the Mind

1) read 120 books read 143
2) use the Rosetta Stone Spanish program purchased in 2013 but never opened and learn Spanish (still haven’t done this!)
3) go to church (uhm, a few times, but I have to work on this)

For the Body

4) lose 30 pounds
5) workout 7 hours per week
6) limit eating lunch out/happy hour to once per week

I didn’t do any of this stuff….

For Fun

7) go skydiving
8) go to Vegas
9) knit from stash I did do this
10) golf once a week during good weather

For the Home

11) use reusable grocery bags
12) install and organize overhead garage storage
13) complete 91 day de-clutter challenge
14) decorate living room with paint and art and maybe new furniture if possible
15) create Luke’s “big boy” room this happened
16) re-take and put into practice Financial Peace University (partially….)
17) make bed every day nailed this one. it’s nice to have a made bed everyday – I am calling this a habit now rather than a goal