29 MayArt – starry night with sunflowers (??)

Not super excited about this one. I’m trying to practice so I can come up with something original for Creative Paints. 

I thought since Van Gogh was an impressionist, I could handle it, but meh…

28 MayArt – Buddah with Lotus Flowers

This was a fun one!  It was my first time using glazing medium. 

22 MayArt – Girl with an Umbrella Facing Left

Well, here she is.  My attempt at one of Monet’s women.

30 AprArt – Eiffel Tower

Meh. This one was “in progress” for a long time.  I’m obviously sticking with my abstract style.


29 AprArt – sugar skull

I was able to finish one thing. This one is for Meggen.