31 DecResolutions – 2018

So, what’s weird is that last year I didn’t do a really long resolution list, and I actually accomplished some things! So, the conundrum … Do another super short list, or do a long list? It is fun to go back and see what I thought was a good goal vs what I actually did.

Maybe just a little longer than last year, but shorter than in previous years.

For the Mind

1) listen to 26 TED Talks
2) Read 36 books
3) work on learning Spanish

For the Body

3) complete 80 Day Obsession and then ChaLEAN Extreme
4) eat more whole foods
5) work on toning

For Fun

6) go to 6 concerts
7) ride my bike, maybe even do a few group rides
8) join golf club

For the Home

9) install hardwood flooring upstairs
10) fix microwave situation
11) hang all the pictures



For the Mind

1) read 104 books I read 200 books in 2017

For the Body

2) workout 5 hours per week I didn’t really average 5 hours a week, BUT I did get a lot more workouts in than in past years!!

For Fun

3) go to Vegas – Nope. I don’t know if I will ever get there.

For the Home

4) paint living room Did this!! Yay!!

2016 – I did complete some of these things.

For the Body

4) lose 30 pounds I lost 40 pounds in 2017. It feels awesome.
6) limit eating lunch out/happy hour to once per week I ended the year pretty strong on this one.

For the Home

14) decorate living room with paint and art and maybe new furniture if possible See, 2017. I got this half completed.

05 SepFirst Day 2017!

It’s that time of year again! First day of 11th grade for Andrew and Jacob and first day of 1st grade for Luke! As Andrew so sweetly pointed out, it’s my 21st year of 1st days of school…

16 AugKnitted Knockers

Finished knitting a pair of knockers.

Super easy charity knit if that's your thing!


26 MarArt – Red Heels and Jeans

Tried to do feet (which are gross) in heels (which I love). Opinions at home are “creepy” and “perspective is off”. Both true. Oh well!  

red heels and jeans

02 JanArt – Zen Pond

Finally finished the zen pond. Not exactly what I had in mind. ..