23 DecIt’s that time of year again!

I can’t believe another year has gone by. My birthday just passed and Christmas is here and this always seems to be the time I think about what I’m going to do in the next year.

One thing I plan to do is start posting more projects here and try to do a little blurb about what I’ve been reading. In 2012, I finished over 20 knitting projects and read more that 65 books! What a year!

So, he is the obligatory “New Year’s Resolutions List”

1) post finished craft projects to blog
2) knit from stash
3) save every month to a Birthday/Christmas fund
4) use reusable grocery bags *every* trip to the store
5) do a living/dining room makeover (!!!)
6) lose this last 15 pounds
7) read at least 52 books and post to blog
8) stick to the budget
9) get back to the gym (!!!)
10) clean the garage (for real)

There it is in black and white!

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