27 Jullots going on

I actually have a bit of knitting news to share….

I am so excited! A friend of mine farm alpacas and she has yarn for sale from her prize alpaca. I guess a local spinner spun it for her and I asked if I could get some. I need to get over there.

AND here’s something to really get excited about…. I have been making “plarn” out of Safeway bags and plan to make some reusable shopping bags out of them. Checkout the neat site here: How to Make Plarn.

I have been feeling guilty about not knitting lately. It’s been so long… I have a mental block about finishing that pattern – I got mixed up on it some how and I can’t get it right. So, I decided to table that project and finish #1’s mittenettes.

The kids saw me working on it and wanted to pick up learning to knit again, so we all packed up the car and went to the store for needles and yarn. I found these cute little kits with short needles and instructions. #1 seems to be getting it, but #s 3 and 4 are still a little behind. I had to teach myself how to knit right handed so I could show these people how to do their way. It’s really hard for me to show them how to do it.

Anyhow, I am about 5 rows from finishing minttentte # one

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