21 NovCutting for Stone

I finally finished this book.

Cutting for Stone (Vintage)

“It starts with the birth of twin boys to a nursing nun, Sister Mary Praise Joseph, in a small hospital on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; an event which no one had expected: “The everyday miracle of conception had taken place in the one place it should not have: in Sister Mary Praise Joseph’s womb.” The delivery rapidly becomes a debacle when it’s clear that Mary Praise Joseph can’t deliver her baby normally; the last minute arrival home at “Missing” (the Mission Hospital) by Indian obstetrician Hema saves the children, but their mother dies and their presumed father father, surgeon Thomas Stone, disappears into the night.” Amazon book review

I couldn’t really get into it until about the last 30%. But, overall it was an interesting look into life in Africa and I find the medical stuff very interesting..

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