13 MayMother’s Day

Today is my 16th mother’s day.  I cannot believe how the time flies.

I always look forward to the cute gifts/cards the kids bring home.  They are always filled with beautiful portraits of me and anecdotes of why they love me.  I never really thought about how my children perceived what I do before and was tickled, albeit a bit surprised, when I read the cards my littlest three gave me.  Apparently, I spend all of my free time watching TV and knitting.  I did not realize this.  🙂

The cutest thing; however, is the description of why I am a good person as viewed by my 8 year old.  She says that I am a good person because I help people get divorced and through harsh suits.  Ha!  I think the general public would have a differing opinion. 

Today is a good day.

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