19 AprGeorge Michael

!!!! the George Michael tickets came in the mail finally !!!! Whoo hoo! I remember being 14 or 15 and painting the garage with my friend Jeanne because we were trying to earn George Michael tickets. For some reason, we didn’t end up going? I wonder whatever happened to Jeanne?

Any how, still busy and still loving my car! I found a Mini Cooper car club to join: http://www.psmini.org/ Too much fun. I’ll be taking part in the Tulip Rallye on April 26th (http://www.mgccnwc.com/tulip.htm). I am just praying that it doesn’t snow.

I got a new purse that I absolutely love! Can’t take a picture because the teen-aged girl has my camera, but it’s one of the new Dooney & Bourke signature bags. Nice!

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