17 May2014 LYS Tour – Day 3

We did it! Today we completed the yarn tour. It was so fun and we had a blast celebrating at the last stop with a glass of bubbly. But that’s not the best part! Both me AND Olga won daily drawings yesterday. Olga from Knitty Purls in Langley and me from Great Yarns in Everett. What a wonderful surprise and a certain highlight.

Today we were all over the Puget Sound beginning with Beach Basket Yarns and then over to Wear on Earth. I picked up some really tiny circs for making socks. These babies are a mere 9″ long!


Then we were down to Bellingham for trips to Apple Yarns, NW Handspun Yarns and Mrs. Hudson’s Yarns & Teas. All wonderful and I will have to go back for sure sometime before next years’ tour.

Next we cruised down to a group fav, Makers’ Merrcentile where I picked up my beloved tee cake.


After that we headed west to The Knittery. Here I split 3 skeins with Teresa so she could make their pattern and I will come up with something for this:


From there, we were off to Seattle Yarns. And, for the big finale, we headed to catch a ferry over to the famed Churchmouse Yarns &Teas where we picked up our last stitch marker and pin…


And, toasted our success!


This year by far was my favorite LYS touring experience. Yes, it sucked to have a debit card lost, but I think that how smoothly traffic and parking went, how quick (yet surprisingly unrushed) our visits were, and most definitely the fact that we get a prize, made this a smashing success and memorable event.

I personally cannot wait for next year!

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