15 May2014 LYS Tour – Day 1

We are having a fabulous time on this years’ tour! We’ve seen many great shops and lots of yummy yarn. The word of the day for this tour is “Madelinetosh.” Nearly every store we’ve been to features some variation of this yarn.

Today’s itinerary took us to Seattle. Our first stop was So Much Yarn. Then we were off to Bad Women Yarn where I picked up some, yes you guessed it, Madelintosh…


Next we traveled to The Tea Cozy, where I picked up – yep, that’s right – more Madelinetosh and also the Cascade 220 Superwash I need for a special project.


One of the highlights of this years’ tour are fun bags… I’m a sucker for bags. I got two, one at our next stop, The Fiber Gallery and I got one toward the end of the day at another store.


Then we were off to Acorn Street Yarn, where we were bummed to learn that the owner was retiring and it may not be around anymore…I picked up the lace blocking wires I’ve been needing.


That little stain is where, sadly, my cupcake I got as a special treat early in the tour, fell out of its box and landed frosting down in the back of my car.

On our way back North we headed to Serial Knitters. After that we headed to a new store, Mad Cow Yarns. They offered us yummy truffles and I got a kit to make my first möbius cowl.


After that, a trip to Pinchknitter Yarns. I picked up that second bag there…

Finally, we stopped at our local store where I got, yes, more Madelinetosh. I couldn’t pass it up because Sarah’s pattern is super cute and probably my favorite of the tour so far!


All in all it’s been superfun. I ate a bunch of crap that is totally not on my diet and got lots of new yarns. We hit 9 stores so we got our first stitch marker. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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