16 Sepoops

[EDIT: this is strange…I had a rather lengthy post here and it disappeared? So, I have to start it over. Sorry.]

I have 23 rows done of the cardigan; however, I messed it up (I think). Being a rather new knitter (well, not really new but just now knitting beyond bags, scarves, hats, and 1 baby blanket), I read the pattern literally. This particular pattern is pretty advanced, for me at least, and is really 4 patterns in one as you have the actual sweater, and within the sweater, you have lace and two cables, a small cable and an alternating cable.

So I was cruising along, high-fiving myself because it was looking good and I hadn’t made (to my knowledge) any mistakes. I thought the alternating cable looked a little wrong, but not bad per se, and then, I got to row 22. I knew that the alternating cable was not going to look right if I did what the pattern said to do.


You see, the pattern, after row 10, says to “continue in patts as established” so my mind says to keep knitting rows 1-10 over and over until you reach the proper length. Never mind that the lace has 3 additional rows and the alternating cable has 1 additional row….If you were supposed to knit those, it’d say so, right? I don’t think so.

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