27 Augimportant things to do….

All right, so I have not picked up the red scarf nor have I started my kimono swatch.  I have been very busy at the most important task of putting my some 400 CDs on my iPod.  It is very time consuming because I have been listening to them and only putting select songs, I mean, Paula is great on American Idol but really, I only like a couple of her songs….

I have also been surfing the Legal Needles ring.  Maybe I am missing work?  Nah.  It does sound like I may need to cut my month off short a few days though.  The DH/Law Partner has called 3 times this am already with “I think something is wrong with my computer” and “When are you coming back?”  The attorneys know I am coming back soon as well, so the motions are beginning to roll in….  Sigh.

I’m not feeling so hot today, I don’t know if it’s because I have been overdoing it? Or…  At least it’s a nice day out.

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