11 Sepkindergarten

This morning I saw the cutest baby. She was 4 weeks old and sweet as could be. I thought “I could use another baby!” Ahh. There were three adults, two bags of baby things, a car seat, and some other baby paraphernalia. Fast forward three hours. The boys (my babies) had their kindergarten orientation today and tomorrow will be their first official day of school. I cannot believe how time flies. I called my mom and said I was coming to pick up the boys, I got there, they hopped in their boosters, and off we went. I remember back to the first time I took them out of the house. 1 of 5 and 2 of 5 were at school, but 3 of 5 was 19 months old. By the time I got the babies fed and changed (and again), 2 of 5 set to go, and every packed into the car, it was two hours later. Maybe I need another baby not so much?

first day of school 

Normally, they do not dress alike; however, I know the kindergarten teacher and, although they are not identical, she doesn’t believe she will be able to tell them apart, so I thought it would be fun to mess with her the first day. (tee hee)

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh my! Another legal mother of twins! Mine are 20 — identical girls, and I have a daughter 2 years older, and a son about to be 16. Bless you! And they’re adorable. I didn’t dress mine alike either.

    PS To keep myself sane, other than knit, I list in my head all the famous mothers of twins — Cleopatra, Ingrid Bergman, Margaret Thatcher. We all should be on that list!

  2. Susan says:

    Nice to meet another lawyer with twins, who knits! My girls are 20, I have a daughter 2 years older, and a son who will turn 16 next month. It’s only knitting that’s kept me sane …

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